Outline And Evaluate The Biological Model Essay

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Outline and evaluate the Biological model The Biological model of abnormality suggests that mental illnesses resembles physical illness and can be treated in similar ways using drugs and other forms of medication. Doctors then attempt to treat a mental illness as they would treat a physical one by treating the symptoms. The main problem with this technique would be the fact they are only treating the symptoms and not the cause of the illness which will mean the illness will not improve. This model relates to five areas which may cause mental illnesses: infection, genes, neurochemicals and neuroanatomy. Infection may be the cause of some mental illnesses e.g. meningitis or herpes simplex encephalomyelitis, can lead to abnormal brain functioning. This idea says that bacteria and viruses are caught…show more content…
This is where you inherit a mental illness from your parents because it has been passed down through your genes which are similar to physical illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. However unlike the infection theory studies have been done with twins, if one has a mental illness the other twin has a 50% chance of developing one as well. However this is also unreliable because you cannot extrapolate that the illness has been passed down through genes it may just run in the family. The next aspect, neurochemicals suggests that a change in chemicals in the brain has caused a mental disorder. Abnormal functioning of the brain can be caused by abnormal levels of neurotransmitters and hormones. However, it is hard to establish whether it is the change in chemical levels which cause abnormality or abnormality which causes the rise in chemicals. This follows onto neuroanatomy which is the idea that the structure of the brain has been damaged causing an abnormality to occur. However this has not been proved because there is lack of evidence and it is not particularly
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