Outline and Evaluate Sociological Explanations for Social Inequality

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Outline and evaluate sociological explanations for social inequality (women) In the following essay I am going to be outlining and evaluating three sociological perspectives as to why women face inequalities in society. The three sociological perspectives that will be discussed are the Feminist view, Functionalist view and The Conflict Theory. In society, it is argued that women are treated in an unequal manner. Feminists would argue in society, there is a struggle between men and women. They hold the belief that power lies with men instead of the economy and the structure of society is so men are able to maintain their power. Along with having these beliefs, feminists also believe women are being suppressed in society. One area feminists hold strong views over is the family. They believe that society is patriarchal. Linda N. (undated) provides a definition as men holding the position of power and the head of the family unit. They hold the view that women are kept in their place which is being at home looking after their children and being a mother is their main priority in life. This shows inequality between men and women. According to this inequality, the women act in manner of being seen as a good wife, looking after the home and children. This results in the man having more power over the woman as he is the individual working and bringing an income, enabling him to make the decisions whereas the woman would have no power for this to happen. In relation to having an income, feminists see the workplace as another place in which inequalities occur. ‘The Glass Ceiling’ is a phrase commonly used by feminists. It is related to women and their careers and how they are able to see promotion but are not going to be considered as they are women. This is highlighted in the report ‘Sex and authority in the workplace: the causes of sexual inequality’, Wendy C. Wolf
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