Outline and Evaluate at Least 1 Psychosocial Theories of Aggression

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The social learning theory on aggression proposes the idea that it is not the result of biology but is the result of social influence that’s makes us act aggressively. This theory believes that’s our aggression is learnt though modelling and that it is an antisocial behaviour that is acquired rather than genetically inherited. According to the social learning theory we can learn aggression thought two different ways. The first being direct experience; when individuals observe and imitate aggression. This is more likely if the behaviour is positively reinforced. The other way is through indirect experience; this is when an individual learns behaviour to imitate, which is based on reinforcements that they see others receiving. An example of this would be if we see someone being punished for aggression we are not likely to copy it. If we see someone praised we may be more likely to imitate them. This theory acknowledges that there are some cognitive elements to being able to observe and imitate behaviours. These cognitive elements include; attention – in order to observe a behaviour children must possess the skills of attention, perception and understanding of behaviour. Retention – in order to be able to imitate a behaviour, individuals must possess memory skills and the ability to think abstractly about the behaviour. Production – in order to imitate behaviours individuals must be able to physically and realistically reproduce the behaviour they wish to copy, and finally motivation – for reinforcement to be effective, individuals must value the rewards and be motivated by what they expect to achieve from imitating a behaviour. Anti-social behaviour can be the result of something we have seen in either real life or in the media, a strong influence on our behaviour. It is generally believed by this theory that boys who observe their fathers attack their mothers

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