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Outline American Pageant Reconstruction to Present

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  • on March 17, 2013
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·       “Great White Fleet”- Nickname of the US Navy fleet that circumnavigated the globe during the early 1900’s, demonstrating the power of the US.
·       “Yellow Press” of Pulitzer and Hearst – Both sought to heighten American anger towards the Spanish in hopes of creating a war.   They exaggerated the attack on the USS Maine, which in turn helped start the Spanish-American War.
·       “Gunboat” Diplomacy – Displays of military power that imply a threat of warfare used by Teddy Roosevelt had a country not agreed with him.
·       Admiral de Cervera – Admiral of the Spanish Caribbean Squadron during the Spanish-American War.
·       Alfred Thayer Mahan – US Naval officer who wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, commenting that having a strong navy is essential to being a superpower.
·       Clayton-Bulwer Treaty- Treaty negotiated in 1850 regarding land in Nicaragua, which could have been used for a canal.
·       Cleveland and Hawaii Annexation – Cleveland was a friend of the Queen of Hawaii
·       Dupuy de Lome – Spanish ambassador to the US who wrote a letter defaming President McKinley, which was a leading cause of the Spanish-American War
·       Emilio Aquinaldo – Filipino general who led a revolt against Spain, and then later against the United States after independence was not granted.
·       Explosion of the Maine – The USS Maine exploded in the Caribbean, and while initial reports blamed the Spanish for it, it is widely believed to have just been an internal error.   The sinking was the main cause of the Spanish-American War
·       General Weyler – Governor of Cuba who used concentration camps to attack rebels.
·       Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901 – Nullified the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty and gave the US the right to create and control a canal across Central America
·       Lodge, Our Blundering Foreign Policy, 1895 – Book where Lodge discusses American imperialism...

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