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Strategic Operation Management Week 2 Hand-In Assignment Outline a Logical Argument Ibrahim K. Hamdan January 23,2013 Outline I. Introduction A. General Scope B. Thesis Statement II. Body A. Organizational Strategy 1. Definition 2. Inside Scope B. Strategic Operations Management 1. Definition 2. Inside Scope C. Importance of Strategic Operations Management in the Organization’s Strategy. 1. Decision Making 2. Competitive Advantage 3. Efficiency 4. Customer Satisfaction 5. Achievements III. Conclusion A. Strategic Operations Management and Organizational Strategy mix. Each organization operates with a general overall strategy but some give insight on the company’s strategic operations management and link both to each other in order to have an enhanced strategy for the company. The organizational overall strategy should implement strategic operations management to align the organization’s capabilities with the market requirements. To begin with that what is organizational strategy? As stated on the web by Charlesmore Partners International Organizational strategy is how the ultimate change of the organization overtime in order to be able to deliver the strategy of the organization and a plan of how to make this change. This requires both the thinking and analysis to compare current state to desired state and define the gap, and the execution capabilities to make the requisite changes happen. The depth of organizational strategy consists of important strategic considerations like the strategy of the organization on the long-term, the innovative skills and capabilities required for the future, the implementation of the staff, the operational philosophy of the business, the results of the required performance, the homogeneous mix of all operations to ensure total enterprise

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