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MANA 463/2 A– Strategic Human Resource Management Fall 2014 Course Outline Wednesday 14:45-17:30 MB 2.445 Instructor: | Yu-Shan Hsu | | E-mail: yhs@jmsb.concordia.ca (Please include MANA 463 on the subject line) | | Office: MB 14.109 | | Office hours: Tuesday 12:30 to 14:30, or by appointment | Text: | Strategic Human Resources Planning by Monica Belcourt, Kenneth McBey, Ying Hong, and Margaret Yap (5th Edition)Case pack link: https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/access/29209968Other readings are available on First Class | Prerequisite: | MANA 362, and any two of the following: MANA 402, 443, 444, 446. | First Class First Class will be used to facilitate your learning in several ways. First, you can check the announcement/reminder I post. Second, you can download the PowerPoint slides. Third, you can download readings other than cases and textbook chapters. Finally, you can download the assigned case study questions and other materials. Course Description This is a final-year integrative course for Human Resource Management majors. It focuses on the philosophies underlying current human resource management principles and policies and the processes of their implementation. This course will introduce HR's strategic roles in organizations. Topics include aligning HR with business strategy, implementing succession planning, and managing HR in contexts of downsizing and restructuring, mergers and acquisition, and globalization. Course Objectives By the end of the semester, you will: * Link human resources practices to corporate strategic and business strategies * Be able to plan and implement effective HR strategies that support business strategy implementation Course Structure The format of the course will be a mix of lectures, case analyses, exercises, and discussions. You are required to read carefully the assigned

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