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Title of Presentation Bank of America and uphill battles to come Name of Presenter Christopher Pinick Description of Business Audience Investors and home buyers Introduction Bank of America was hit with a huge penalty of 1.3 billion to pay for the shoddy mortgages that were old by countrywide Financial Corp. Bank of America purchased Countrywide in July 2008. Bank of America doesn’t feel that they should be on the hook for the penalty due to them not being the ones to commit the fraud. Thesis Statement Home ownership is the American dream. A home is a sound investment in securing your future or is? This was the American way of thinking several years back but may not be true for today’s market. When making a huge investment you need to make sure that you do your homework to ensure that you are making the best decision to help your bottom dollar. This wasn’t the case for Bank of America when they acquired Countrywide Financial Corp. (Body of Outline with a minimum of 3 main points as Roman numerals and at a least two additional levels of sub points using capital letters and then numbers) I. Bank of America A. History 1. Successes 2. Not so successful B. What does the future hold 1. Positive view 2. Negative view II. Home buying A. The American dream 1. Mortgage loans B. Good or bad investment 1. What should you watch out for 2. Are there better things to invest your money in III. On the hook for 1.3 billion dollars A. Countrywide 1. Rebecca Mairone 2. When to go from here Conclusion When investing you need to make sure that you do your homework because one mistake could cost you millions or even sometimes billions. Not everything is the best thing to invest your money in. Visual Explanations This picture is to show that as a business you can be hustled when you think a

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