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1. Personality, agenda’s, expectations, and working styles: a. Thomas Green i. Charismatic ii. Knows how to effectively sell to clients face-to-face but does not support his arguments with data iii. After being recruited to Dynamic Displays, he wanted to climb the managerial ladder fairly quickly. iv. He states that he made it his mission to get noticed immediately. He successfully did it by completing a contract for one of the largest airline carries in just 4 months of working with Dynamic Displays. v. Shannon McDonald took him under her wing since they really hit it off because they are both University of Georgia alumni and Georgia natives. b. Shannon McDonald i. VP of Travel Division. VP promotion on November 2006. ii. She previously worked for 6 years (2000-2006) as the director of national sales for the Travel and Hospitality Division, in which she was responsible for driving Dynamic Displays’ self-service business with the largest airline carriers in the US. iii. She prefers to be contacted via email first, then if situation cannot be resolved or requires more attention, and then she meets up one-on-one. iv. She took Green under her wing because they share similar experiences and because he has excelled in his work as account specialists. v. She promoted Green directly to Senior Market Specialist without consulting anyone (Davis should have been consulted since he has worked in that specific job and knows it inside and out). vi. McDonald has influence over Green because they share similar backgrounds and she has faith in him for being an alumni from her university. vii. Shannon has authority over both Davis and Green c. Frank Davis i. He is a 17 year old veteran at Dynamic Displays (very influential) ii. He was the Senior Market Specialist before Green, and after Green was promoted, he was promoted as well to the Marketing Director

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