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Amber Jones Professor Nyrop Reading 83 May 31, 2012 Opportunity In the novel Outliers the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell discusses way people become successful. The 10,000 hour rule, the so call self-made man, and from the opportunities that people receive in their life are example Gladwell gives. Gladwell argues that these can have effect on how a person becomes successful. Gladwell view about how people can’t become a self-made man, on the 10,000 rule and receiving the right opportunities at the right time are example I do agree. The 10,000 hour rule is the study on how professionals have practices this amount of time to achieve the master level in becoming a world class expert. Athletic, musician, business men and women, tycoons and the other successful people in the world are great examples of those who have applied the 10,000 hour rule to their life. In chapter two Gladwell gives examples of how people have achieve 10,000 hours of practice. All most everyone knows the Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are members of the most favorite rock band ever. The Beatles are a good example of how the 10,000 hour rule was applied even before they were famous. In 1960, they were asked to playing Hamburg, Germany at a club called, The Indra, which was not a rock-and-roll club, but more of a strip club. It was nothing special about playing in Hamburg; it was just that they were able to play for hours on in. Eight hours a day seven days a week is how much they played. In a interview John Lennon talk about their experience they had at a club called Indra, “We got better and got more confidence. We couldn’t help it with all the experience playing all night”. He also said “In Liverpool, we’d only ever done one-hour sessions, and we just used to do our best numbers, the same ones, at every one. In Hamburg, we had to play for

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