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Amy McGee Speech Anna Willis June 22, 2007 OUTLAW JESSE JAMES Thesis Statement: Theodore Roosevelt wrote “Jesse W. James is America’s Robin Hood.” But the question remains: Was Jesse James really America’s Robin Hood or just another cold-blooded killer? Does it really even matter anymore? INRODUCTION I. The legend of the infamous Outlaw Jesse James has grown over the years and he has became one of the most prolific people the 19th century produced. A. While there were some young men who wanted to be him and young girls who fancied marrying him, there was still many more that feared to speak his name. B. Tales of his deeds where spread far and wide and many a man wished to never have to cross his path. C. As for those who did, many didn’t live to tell about it. II. Today, I am going to share with you three major events in the life of Jesse James: How he became an outlaw, the foiled robbery at The First National Bank in Northfield, Minnesota, and finally the death of the notorious outlaw. Transition: So now I invite you to take a walk with me through the life of Jesse Woodson James. BODY I. Born on September 5, 1847 to a Baptist minister, Jesse was the younger of two boys. A. At the age of 3 his father, Robert James, headed for California in the gold rush and died there shortly after arriving. B. In 1855, his mother Zerelda married a wealthy doctor and land owner by the name of Reuben Samuels. C. The couple later had two daughters, Fannie and Sarah, and a son named Archie. II. The Samuels farm in Clay County, Missouri prospered. A. But this was an emotional time, this was the beginning of the Civil War, and the Samuels farm was

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