Outlaw High Fence Hunting

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Mark Allen English 112-45C 1-28-2010 Outlaw High Fence Hunting In today’s hunting world, there is a big controversy with the concept of high fence hunting. This form of hunting should be illegal in all fifty states. In my opinion, high fence hunting is the equivalent of cheating on a final exam. High fence hunting can be described as hunting in an area, usually for a hefty fee, that is surrounded by a fence (Lexic.us). The purpose of the fence is obvious. It is used to keep the animals being hunted confined to one area. This does not sound very fair to the animal to me. Being in an area that you can’t escape from, and then being hunted by someone who wants to kill you, sounds like a bad nightmare. Imagine being forced into a building with a hungry lion inside. The doors are locked from the outside, leaving you no way to escape. Eventually, the lion is going to find you. Now imagine that you are a deer in one of these high fence areas. There is no way to get out, and sooner or later, you will walk past a hunter. These deer do not have a fighting chance at getting away. They essentially have no place to go. I do not want to be misjudged about hunting. I am a hunter myself. I do not have a problem with someone going out to go hunting. What I have the problem with is someone going out and paying to “hunt” a confined animal. Most critics would say, “It’s their money. If they want spend it on a hunting trip, then who cares?” I would be willing to bet my next years’ paycheck that if the animals could talk, they would definitely have a thing or two to say about it. Another reason that high fencing should be outlawed is because of the environmental risks that these “businesses” pose. Some of these hunting companies order animals from other countries, such as pronghorn and gazelles (Rodriguez). These non-native animals can pose potential risks to the

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