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Outer Space Essay

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OUTER SPACE                

    • “What is fun for human beings, stretching the imagination and giving you something to admire in total disbelief?”

Yes, definitely the topic “Universe and Outer space”!

    • Can you imagine, being a 15-year old living on planet Earth and not really knowing anything about the ground underneath your foot...

Having to know, that if you could separate the Earth into piles of material, you would get 32,1% iron; 30,1% oxygen and 13,9% magnesium – but, do not stress...even modern scientists still know little about outer space, BUT of that little that we do know, there are some extra-ordinary amazing things!

    • So why not join me and explore and enrich yourself, as we are ready to jet off with our space shuttle into outer space...have you ever thought about the following:

  1. The mysterious light that you have seen through the window in your bedroom last night, was perhaps light reflecting from the moon which only takes 1,2 seconds to reach you...

  2. The quick bump on your head from behind, while watching your favourite team playing rugby at Loftus, was perhaps that one meteorite striking a human being once every 9300 years...

  3. Not even to mention, that very typical “Blue Monday” feeling- feeling tired, frustrated and not well at all, can be because planet Earth is also called the Blue planet, because 70% of our planet is covered with ocean

  4. I can even hearing my granny saying...”remember, as you are getting older, the days are also becoming shorter” – do not be surprised, it might be true to some extent, because it doesn’t take earth 24 hours to rotate around its axis, only 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds...

  5. Next time, while trying to get the conversation going and it seems your friend is ignoring you – remember that in space this could be true – if you shouted, and even if someone was right next to you, he or she would not be able to hear you...

  6. Those left-handed people in...

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