Outer Horner Speech Analysis

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Summary 1-35 * Outer Horner very big and spacious * Inner Horner very small and only big enough for one “person” at a time * Outer hornerites let overflow of inner horner populace reside in special “short term residency zone” * One day inner Horner got smaller * The border patroller Leon, rang the invasion bell * The three outer Horner militia (Melvin, Larry, Freeda) come to fix the situation * Phil says that the intruders should be taxed for staying on outer Horner land * Militia and border guard collect taxes each day from inner hornerites (four smokalas each day) (they run out of money the first day so on the second they take the stream, apple tree, and dirt) * inner Horner peoples write a letter to outer…show more content…
Summary 95-130 * Media Men Shouts reaches the ears of “Greater Keller” the country that surrounds Outer…show more content…
* Greater Keller people free inner Hornerites who then attack the outer Hornerites * The “Creator” stops all the violence and from the parts of all the inner and outer hornerites he constructs 15 new beings entirely, except he reframed from using Phil’s parts, who were put up on display and labeled as a monster. Progression of Genocide * Stage one- outer Hornerites resent inner hornerites because they live on outer Horner land * Stage two- Phil nudges the sheep-like people of Outer Horner to impose ridiculous taxes upon the people of Inner Horner * Stage three- Inner Horner People cannot pay the ridiculous taxes as Phil already knew * Stage four- everything of value was taken from the residents of Inner Horner, leaving them waterless, foodless, and landless * Stage five- first bout of violence occurs when residents of Outer Horner try to take the clothes of the people of Inner Horner as taxes * Stage six- Phil finds people able to forcefully obtain the tax items without being resisted * Stage seven- the clothes of the people of Inner Horner are

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