Outdoor Polemic Essay

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I like my life, my school and friends. Even more, I adore the outdoors more than anything on this beautiful earth. The clean air to breathe (after the spring storms); quite, stillness and space; an enchanting view of every night of sun, sky, stars and mountains; a sense of time to let you run to the edge of the world and back; something intimate about the soothing atmosphere of all the attributes which you cannot name. The sound of crickets chirping at night, sitting in my usual lawn chair looking out at Black Creek Reservoir, shoeless with my toes soaking into the bottom of the lake bed. Sparks from the fire popping up looking like little shooting stars, with the smell of juniper arousing your senses. Taking in all the beautiful things the wilderness has to offer has made me realize why people come up to this beautiful environment and trash it. I slowly was gazing the horizon of the lake surface and I saw a large motor home park itself in one of the camping lots. The peacefulness of the outdoors was soon to disappear. Weekend and week out I could predict weather the new campers would differ from the rest, but it would never change, always the same. The week passed and so did the family campers. As much as I care about my surroundings I went over to the campsite and saw how much garbage and junk was spewed out across the ground. I was livid. These day end “campers” never change. Bringing their big “home away from home” vehicle ticks me off even more. What do these gas-guzzling innovations exactly do? Makes the environment suffer even more. You call yourself a camper? I don’t think so; I bet they don’t even realize what camping or the outdoors is. It certainty is not a time and place to throw your remains on the ground to say the least. It’s not just the people that come up to the mountains that disrespect, but it’s the American society that torments it as

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