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Point Nepean National Park Point Nepean National Park Describe what this area looked like tens thousands years ago? Point Nepean has changed drastically over the years. It would have consisted with fauna and flora. Massive untouched bushlands as far as the eye can see, rolling hills and an enormous ocean well if the ocean had form than otherwise it would have been grassland. It was paradise at its finest. Which aboriginal language group occupied this area? Describe common interactions they would have had with the environment? The aboriginal language group that occupied this area was the Bunarong clan. They used the environment as a survival key. Hunting was a main interaction the Bunarong clan had the environment, it provided them with the resource to survive. Since Point Nepean is a coastal area there is evidence that supports the interaction with the land which are middens. Middens are a deposit containing shells and or animal bones but they are only found around the coastal areas. Describe the commercialisation of this outdoor experience The commercialisation at Point Nepean would be making walking paths so it’s more accessible for everyone. Having road access so the tractor and tow you back to your bus/car, or if there is an emergency. Other one would have to pay to get in, to see this historical environment. What are management strategies are used to keep this environment healthy? Management strategies that are used to keep the environment healthy are accessible paths and roads so you don’t damage the fauna and flora and is also easy access to help with emergencies. Signs to instruct and educated people about any cautions there are around. Toilets are there to facilitate the public so we don’t ruin the eco-system. And last but not least having fenced off areas will protect the environment and the public. Has there been a conflict of

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