Outbreak Movie Essay

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The virus was first introduced to the Motaba community when one of the natives, patient zero, went to build a road into Kinshasa. When he returned to the village he was already sick and drank from the community well. This caused the entire village to become infected as the virus was being spread through salivary exchange. At that time the host species was not known but we later found out it was a monkey that lived in the forest near the village. This monkey was brought to America some years later, and then spat water on Jimbo who was trying to sell it to a pet storeowner, Rudy. Later he bit Rudy, and spread the virus to him. He also bit into a banana that another monkey in the pet store later bit into. Jimbo then flew to Boston, where he spread the virus to his girlfriend and they both ended up dying. The Rudy’s blood then spills onto a lab worker’s face when he breaks the tube in the centrifuge and the virus then gets into his system. He then goes to the movie theatre in Cedar Cree, California, and as he was coughing without covering his mouth, he inadvertently spread the virus to every single person in the theatre. When the group of people is then quarantined in the hospital, they soon realize that the virus is airborne because other patients, who had no direct contact with those quarantined, began showing the symptoms. This new strain of the virus caused people in the entire town to become infected. When Casey’s protective suit burst while they were in the laboratory, he was then infected, and as Robbie tried to draw his blood, his tremors caused her to stick herself with the contaminated needle and she too became ill. The final person to become infected with the air borne strain was Colonel Daniels, when he removed his mask at his ex-wife’s bedside, but then he later received the antiserum from the original host, the monkey. BioSafety level 1 was designated for

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