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and then hire the employee not really knowing if they are a fit for what they where hired to do. Thus while Outback has the same employees for years because of thier way of hiring the have less turn over as well as less training cost unlike there competitors who are having to hire interview ,and train over and over. Outback Steak House has a unique, and intresting method of selecting thier employees that gives them a competive advantage when it comes to finding and hiring Management and hourly staff which helps prevent them from haveing excessive turn over. Not only does Outback Steakhouse take the hiring process serious but they also make the process fun. Unlike other resturants instead of just handing out applications thay have a specific process which helps them to hire people who fit the needs of the position being applied for. Which also helps Outback keep an advantage over there compatetion through using there method of hiring they exclude retraining potential employees. By making them go trough a complete process of interviews and testing they can see who is in it for the long haul and whos just there for a pay check until another job comes along. They can also be able to pin point those potential employees who will fit into there team culture. This gives Outback a great compettive advantage over other resturants that just hand new hires an application look over it call some referances, The importance of all of this is to weed out the bad ,good, and the best person for the job being offered. It is a graet way to make sure that this new hire is responisible trust worthy, and dedicated to the position that they are appling for. Outback is making sure that the potiential new hire is a fit for what they value which is of course customer service. Making sure that the new hire is customer service oriented is very important it

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