Out the Box Essay

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Raymond Nhean Ms. Catlin English 2 Period 7 11/13/14 Out the Box Do you want to accomplish something in life but you can't because of some obstacles? The qoute heard by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Always do what you are afraid to do" is the thing you should do to succeed in life and make it well. If you want to achieve in life, sometimes you must be out of the box and face your fears to do so. It could be great for things like relationships, friendly events, and radical activities. The qoute has its many ups and downs but there are mostly ups that can be accountable. That saying supposedly has people to accuse it because of some reasons it could be reliable for but it's foolish to do so. The first reference supporting it is a huge major one that's sometimes heartbreaking, relationships. For example if a boy/girl wants to ask a person to be their "special" person, they could think that it's going to be a no. But if that other person says yes, for who knows that they could be that important person in their life. With that same person they could discover new things, explore tons of locations, and probably be that person they'll marry. Also with that person, lets say that the couple wants to have a child, but are afraid to because of the responsibility. If they were to have a child, they can have lots of special moments like their first steps, words, first day of school and other events such as birthdays. Another thing is that the child could be one of the various reasons why to wake up in the morning. If you're willing to take a chance, it could either be disappointing or it could bring you happiness to you and others. Next is that friendly events usually have guests not look forward to it because they wouldn't know anybody there and it'll be awkward being that one person who sits quietly as a mute to themselves. The good part is that if he or she goes is that

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