Out of the box Essay

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Pentecostals ”It's that building,” I nervously pointed out to Victor. As we turned in to a small road, the building got closer and bigger until we arrived right in front of it. I could see the detail on the eloquently designed windows. A huge sign depicted the name of the building, outlined by the light of a nearby street lamp, it read: 1st United Pentecostal Church. Then suddenly, I got nervous and felt like maybe I shouldn't have come here. “It’s too late to turn back now,” I said to Victor. As I walked up the steps to the church I contemplated how I had gotten into this mess in the first place. In English class my teacher gave me a list of topics to choose from. One of the topics was called “Out of the Box”, where you study something that is not familiar to you. I thought it would be a good idea to write over Pentecostals because they are very foreign to me and they seem very interesting. My good friend, Antonio Martinez, was always asking me to go to one of his Pentecostal services. I would always say that I would go but never got around to going, this was the perfect opportunity. I called my friend, Antonio, and asked if I could come to one of his services and if I could interview him, he replied that I was always welcome to his church and that I should go on Wednesday at six a clock. Now here I am standing in front of a strange building, hesitant to walk inside, not knowing what to expect. I took a deep breath and opened the door. We slowly and quietly made our way inside and seated ourselves at the back of the church. As soon as we sat down, a young couple sitting close by welcomed us. I looked around the church and tried to soak up every detail. As I moved around the room I noticed that all the women had long beautiful hair and wore long skirts. The men wore suits. It was very different to the catholic service, something I grew up in. The walls had no

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