Out Of Body Experience

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THE OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Out of body experience is “a feeling of departing from one’s physical body and observing both one’s self and the world from outside one’s body” (OBE). People suggested that it is like dreaming but more realistic and that is unlike anything they had experienced inside of their bodies. Also out of the body experience can be compare to sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming. For example, sleep paralysis can be considered a feeling of not being able to move when you are asleep or just waking up with signs of frightening hallucinations which can last to couple of minutes of couple of seconds. The controversy with sleep paralysis is that many people suggest that it is a medical condition, but others believe is supernatural because they feel a demon choking the victim or sitting on the victim’s chest (Archetypal Mind). Another example, lucid dreaming is a realization that one is dreaming during dream and the individual is able to manipulate the dream to produce better outcomes. It also has controversial because it is described as a natural phenomenon or as tampering with the occult (OBE’s and LD’s). The three experiences have something in common in which individuals are asleep when they experience out of body. The only exception is that out of body experiences is the only way where one is able to view their dormant body and the world around them. One experience from an individual that was sent to neuroscientist argued that out of body experiences are triggered by shocks to certain areas of the brain and the individual believe that she was being watched by shadowy figure. That is why many suggest that is more likely to be a supernatural explanations but the Dr. Blakeslee (Neuroscientist) believes that “the brain’s attempt to make sense of conflicting information”. Another believe is that people might be taking hallucinogenic drugs and
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