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Our Town Review Our Town by Thorton Wilder focuses mainly on the major points in a person’s life and other things that humans are faced with. Life, love, marriage, death, and eternity are the major themes in Thorton’s play and things that are focused on through the characters’ actions and even through their words. The play is also performed with minimal props, allowing the characters more freedom to move and interact with the characters that are around them. Thorton also thought that the theatre of his time “had something wrong…he began to feel that the theatre was not only inadequate, it was evasive.” This shows in the way his play has no or minimal props throughout the play also puts the focus on the actors and the themes being presented throughout the play, instead of what the actors are doing with the objects that are put in front of them. A few of the major themes deal with everyday…show more content…
No matter what religion, national ties, or ethnicity, death is common since we are human and eternity is focused on at some point in your life, wherever you are. Emily is lead by the Stage Manager to her grave with her parents and family in attendance, ending with Georges’ anger at Emily’s death. This gesture shows the common stages of grief that one’s family can go through and how people react to death of a loved one. When Emily dies, she asks the Stage Manager to being her to her 12th birthday. This shows that Emily wants a time off happiness that was lost when she was caught up in the course of life and what she wanted back from her time on Earth. Emily also learns that life, no matter how well or bad one lived, everything should be valued. This play seems to be based on that simple truth and ends with the answer of only a few people only truly understand and see life as they are living it, the poets and

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