Our Town Drama Study Essay

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OUR TOWN EMILY: I’ll have a strawberry phosphate, thank you, Mr. Morgan. GEORGE: No, no, Emily. Have an ice-cream soda with me. Two strawberry ice-cream sodas, Mr. Morgan. EMILY: They’re so expensive. GEORGE: No, no,--don’t you think of that. We’re celebrating our election. And then do you know what else I’m celebrating? EMILY: No, no. GEORGE: I’m celebrating because I’ve got a friend who tells me all the things that ought to be told me. EMILY: George, please don’t think of that. I don’t know why I said it. It’s not true. You’re-- GEORGE: No, Emily, you stick to it. I’m glad you spoke to me like you did. But you’ll see: I’m going to change so quick—you bet I’m going to change. And, Emily, I want to ask you a favor. EMILY: What? GEORGE: Emily, if I go away to State Agriculture College next year, will you write me a letter once in a while? EMILY: I certainly will. I certainly will, George… Pause. They start sipping the sodas through the straws. It certainly seems like being away three years you’d get out of touch with things. Maybe letters from Grover’s Corners wouldn’t be so interesting after a while. Grover’s Corners isn’t a very important place when you think of all—New Hampshire; but I think it’s a very nice town. GEORGE: The day wouldn’t come when I wouldn’t want to know everything that’s happening here. I know that’s true, Emily. EMILY: Well, I’ll try to make my letters interesting. Pause. GEORGE: Y’know. Emily, whenever I meet a farmer I ask him if he thinks it’s important to go to Agriculture School to be a good farmer. EMILY: Why, George-- GEORGE: Yeah, and some of them say that it’s even a waste of time. You can get all those things, anyway, out of the pamphlets the government sends out. And Uncle Luke’s getting old,--he’s about ready for me to start in taking over his farm tomorrow, if I

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