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*Standing on MMS arch. Zara and Shrèya: This play is called 'Our City- Ethekwini'. Shrèya: The name of the city is Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Zara: It is the sports capital of Africa. *Both bunjee jump off Big Swing. Shrèya: Wow! Bungee jumping from the Big Swing was aweeee. I have to tweet about it! Zara: Don't you mean awe-inspiring. Did you know that when we jumped we were 106m above the pitch?! Shrèya: No one cares! OMG I just can't believe that I'm standing on the same pitch as Cristiano Ronaldo did during the 2010 FIFA World Cup!! *Shrèya lies down on the grass and starts kissing it. Zara: They've probably changed the pitch a hundred times since then.. Shrèya: Watevs. Brb. Going take pics to post on BBM! *Shreya starts taking pictures. Zara: Imagine the sound of the stadium with 62 670 people blowing their vuvuzelas and cheering their teams on. *Zara daydreams in awe. *Shrèya runs up and blows a vuvuzela in Zara's ears, startling her. *Shrèya starts laughing. Zara: Ahhh you startled me! Why are you wheezing? Shrèya: I just ran around the half of the pitch. (Said whilst panting Zara: Silly you! You can barely run 200 meters and then you go and run 600m! Shrèya: There's Lwazi, the tour guide taking his first group of tourists! Zara: Look at all the fascinated people amazed by our beautiful stadium! Shrèya: I feel like I'm surrounded by the sunrise, sea and land all at the same time! Zara: That's because the color arrangement of the seats were designed to look like the sea flowing onto the beach! *Shrèya looks at watch. Shrèya: OMG... The surfer boys are going out to sea right now! There's no way that I'm going to get there in time to see them! Zara: Well... Shrèya: Well what?! Zara: We could walk up the 500 stairs. *Shrèya fake laughs Shrèya: Or...? Zara: Or we could take the SkyCart up to the viewing deck

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