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Our Time Currently, the United States of America is filled with people who are working in occupations that they dislike. This can be for many reasons such as conflict with co-workers, negative atmospheres, rude clients, and sometimes it’s the simple fact that people hate what they are stuck doing for the rest of their lives. Today, I will be explaining why it is so important to achieve occupational goals that you want for yourself. First, I will explain the importance of job security. Second, I will evaluate the lack of enjoyment in the work force. And finally, I will discover how easy it is to get on the path that you want for your future. According to the website www.networkworld.com, employees were asked to rank what they found most important in a job. Job security was ranked number three, only to be beaten out by overall compensation and benefits packages. People work more sufficiently when they know that they are not at risk to lose their job. When men and women have to go to work every day, constantly wondering if today will be the day that their position will get cut from the budget, they are less likely to work as hard, therefore the company that they are under will lose profit due to lack of trust from their employees. With the economy in such a down fall, people are finding it harder and harder to maintain a job. In the last two and half years my mother has gone through three jobs and is now on her fourth one. This is not because she was fired, but because the lack of security that her jobs contained was minimum. They would call her at a minute’s notice to inform her that they didn’t need her that day. My mother is a nurse, and therefore is paid hourly. She cannot be in a job where she cannot trust that she will get the amount of hours of work that she was promised. Repetitive errors that go unnoticed such as scheduling can affect someone’s budget,

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