Our Spiritual Stivings Essay

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Klaren Jean Psy 205-302 2/8/11 Qualities of a good teacher Teacher is one of the most important professions in our society. Teachers play an important part of our knowledge; they open up the education path for us and they instruct what we need to learn. However, even though teachers play a great role in our education but, that does not mean they all contribute to one’s success because not all teachers are great. There are some qualities that a teacher needs to possess in order to be qualify has a great teacher. First of all, a good teacher should be knowledge of the subject matter that he or she is teaching beside, of knowing the subject he or she also needs to have a little bit of general knowledge. The more a teacher knows the easier it is for students to learn, in fact when a student ask question there might be a certainty that he or she would get a good answer from a knowledgeable teacher. Second of all, a good teacher should be passionate and inspirational; when you have passion for what you do, you are at ease to performing your task. A good teacher must love what he or she does, must be able to inspire others and must has the ability to make a difference in one’s life by helping them to realize their potential, helping them to finds their skills and abilities. I personally had a professor who was passionate at what she does; she would teach a material until the students understand it, she teaches you a way to make you love the subject. Hence, Passion is a great quality that a good teacher must have. There are some other great qualities of a good teacher; patient is one, not all students have the same level of understanding, a good teacher must have patient to be able to repeat him or herself over to make students understand the subject matter. A good teacher must have empathy; he or she should be able

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