Our Sick Society

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Our Sick Society Rape has been the biggest fear that a woman could face ever since the very first rape occurred. We fear rape in the workplace, on the commute home from work, anywhere outside of our homes, and sometimes even inside the home. Women are taught to have this incredible fear whenever they are alone, where ever they go, and of whoever they are with. Sometimes it can feel as if no man is trustworthy and if women do not stay under lock and key then a rape will most assuredly occur. This fear is the one thing that unites all of the women in this country, no matter their ethnicity, or their economical status. Rape is lurking in every corner, in every man that passes by. We were taught that every man is born with the desire to rape, but this is not true. Our society teaches men to rape, and it teaches women to remain silent about it. When most people think of rape, they think of a scantily clad women walking down a dark ally way all alone when all of a sudden some skeevy looking man who can not control himself and runs up behind her and rapes her. They almost never think of the high school girls who are rapped because they think that by saying no they will lose popularity. The Shame of Silence by Athena Devlin describes high school interactions almost perfectly. While Devlin was not actually rapped according to the legal terms, she was raped mentally and spiritually. She thought that being invited over to the football player’s house would make her popular. She thought that she was getting accepted. But in reality she was just being used for her body. While this thought disgusted her, she went along with it anyway because she felt that by saying no, no one would like her anymore (475 WIR). There are tremendous pressures in high school and in college as well, to be accepted. Unfortunately, girls are brought up thinking that only being accepted for their
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