Our Scar Tell The Stories Of Our Lives Analysis

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“Our Scars Tell the Stories of Our Lives” New York Times writer Dana Jennings published a reflection of his life called “Our Scars Tell the Stories of Our Lives” in 2009. Jennings wrote this essay using scars to symbolize the combats he has faced in his lifetime battle with prostate cancer. The piece flows gradually transitioning from paragraph to paragraph progressively as Dana describing each physical scar his body suffered through. He explains his experience and tells how it shaped him into the person became today. Many of the conditions Dana writes about are the basic fundamental occurrences that people experience at one point or another throughout life. Jennings talks about the time he was young, undergoing scrapes and bruises, to surviving complex cancer elimination surgery. The story of Dana’s hardships can be used as a metaphor of life, showing the comparison of young and worry free to growing old and encountering harder situations. This makes his essay easy to relate to while still grasping the reader’s attention by showing how he conquered through. Jennings’s strongest component of his essay is…show more content…
He explains when he touches them and compares the feeling to rubbing a rabbit’s foot. That analogy is old and people today are ignorant to the symbolism of the foot. The essay lost focus at this point and ultimately lost the potential readers attention. However Jennings finishing paragraph brings the reader back to the focus of the essay. Generally, Dana Jennings creatively road mapped his body travels. He expressed a unique plot line and used his life threatening castrophies as footnotes to the detours that life brings upon people. The message Jennings brings fourth in this piece expresses that everyone conquers battles, but only the strong survive and pass through. Jennings used his life time battle of prostate cancer as an example that miracles happen and better days shine through the
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