Our Savage Neibors Book Review

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Terrence Simmons 3/13/2013 Dr. Maeer Book review Our Savage Neighbors Pete Silver has a very interesting imagination. He gives a wide and good perspective on the relationship between the Indians and the whites. Silver gives insight on how the colonist felt toward the Indians. The reason behind him writing this book is to give a truer story of what actually happened when the Europeans came to America. He provides multiple account of how the Indians were treated and how things happen. The migration of Europeans to providence, Pennsylvania. Silver takes the accounts that happened and gives the truth he takes the side of the Europeans and tells their story. He uses some very detailed and gory style of writing. The author uses words in context that made it hard to read. Make valid points about the relationship between the white an Indians. Silver uses information we know about history and things he has read to give us the perspective of the colonist. In his interpretation of what happen the relationship got very violent and the colonist had a lot to do with the image placed on the Indians. In the introduction he really sets the time and date of the book. He introduces the colonist and how they were functioning. “In midwinter 1759, a trader named James Kenny passed up the Cumberland Valley from Maryland into Pennsylvania.” He also says “this book is about how fear and honor, with suitable repackaging, can remake whole society and their political landscapes. “The seven years war and the American Revolution are mentioned in this chapter. “The American Revolution was to follow the seven years war after little more than a decade, with more problems in want of solving.” In chapter one he talks about providence, Pennsylvania. “In 1750 at the end of a long voyage up the Rhine and across the Atlantic, he found himself living in providence,

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