Our Relationships with Others Help Us to Define Who We Are

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Our relationships with others help us to define who we are From birth, we are assigned concrete features of our identity. We cannot control the family or culture we are born into, but the relationships we form with our immediate family, at least initially, will define certain aspects of who we are. This is infect a rather extensive and demanding thing to ask an individual. I feel speechless on the spot, suddenly the most essential question of my existence seems impossible to answer. So much can be said about myself, my stories and my beliefs that I honestly have no idea where to begin. Today I am writing to take you into the depth of who I really am and what makes me be myself. Identity is not just formed by cultural aspect or where we belong but it’s a combination of many traits that forms one identity. I am from a country where war is quiet common and peace not so common. I remember that night when my dad woke me up in the middle of night and said pack your bag we are leaving. It was dark and violence surrounded in the city, everyone was running around, screaming, homes were being destroyed, people were needlessly being killed. For once I thought I was in a dream that was nowhere near reality but the second I blinked everything seemed so real. I have struggled with my belonging since this chapter of my life and ultimately during all those troubles I discovered where I belong. In addition I have encountered many new experiences after to coming to Australia which reformed my thoughts, emotions and perspective about myself. We all belong to a certain place and fit in to a certain group but as we experience new things in life, our identity automatically alter due to the influence of past instances. Everyone must realise that while we are each unique, we are also members of the human species, sharing universal characteristics and experiences. Therefore, the

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