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Loaning Service with Zero Interest Insurance Package, which is now (as of December 2011) worth P500,000. ECC-Livelihood Social Services, Inc. PROTECTOR Insurance Plan It is a Comprehensive Insurance and Financial Protection Plan for associates, clients and members of the Caceres Lending Investor Company. The “ECC-Livelihood Social Services, Inc. PROTECTOR” Insurance Plan is a low-budget insurance and financial plan and yet offers a comprehensive high quality insurance package. ECC-Livelihood Social Services, Inc. Protector is underwritten by INSURANCE OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS (IPI) Objective 1. To provide a Comprehensive and Exclusive Accident and Financial Plan at the least cost. 2. To promote security and financial awareness among members that will take care of the immediate financial needs of the family in the event of accidents that could result to members disability and/or death. Members Vulnerability Accidents happen when least expected and without warning at any time anywhere – on the streets, at workplaces and even in the safety of our homes – to which citizens are exposed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the great majority of victims and their families suffer the consequential financial distress due to lack of contingency preparation through insurance as many cannot afford the usually high insurance premium cost and therefore remain uninsured. As a result; 1) the affected family cannot even afford the final expenses of a decent burial. 2) theres no food on the table. 3) children have to stop going to school, etc. The Significance of Insurance Awareness Here is where the importance of insurance protection comes into play – when an insured person dies or disabled due to accidents, the insurance benefit can take care of the immediate needs of the family.

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