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Zoei Way English 101 M/W 11-12:20 PM Essay #4 Our Number Is Up. When connecting the idea of entertainment (or amusement) technology (technology that blurs the line between what we need in reality and what we want) with Stephen King’s horror novel Cell, we can draw many similarities between the two. As we observe our culture’s level of addiction to cell phones and entertainment technology, it is not surprising that someone can make a horror story out of it. Since the invention of cell phones in 1973, we have been entertained by and obsessed with them. Everything about them allures us, the convenience, the new updates in technology, the multi-tasking, the extra features that come along with it, and the novelty of it. In Stephen King’s novel Cell, the fierce, fanatical, and deadly gangs of “phone crazies” are figurative-symbolic representations of today’s real life people who succumb to “the pulse” of cell phone manufacturers and commercial marketers. Though a made-up horror story, this novel portrays a troubling aspect of our current entertainment (amusement) technological world. This novel begins with a struggling artist, Clayton Riddell, who just got his graphic novel published in Boston, and is out to celebrate his success by buying his wife and son gifts, and also stopping to treat himself to ice cream. While he is at the ice cream truck, things start getting weird. This is when the phenomenon hereby known as “the pulse” begins, which is essentially a signal sent out over the global cell-phone network that instantly turns any cell phone user into a mindless killer. The story goes on and Clayton runs into other “normies” (those not affected by “the pulse” or turned into “phone crazies”) who band together to travel to Clayton’s home in Maine, driven by his determination to find his son Johnny and wife Sharon. They face many challenges along the way,

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