Our Love Now

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“Our Love Now”-Martyn Lowery In the poem, “Our Love Now,” written by Martyn Lowery, the poet effectively makes the two characters interesting and, hence, appeals to us as the reader. The poet establishes the poem as two lovers with conflicting thoughts; the persona wants to maintain the loving relationship, whereas the woman wants to stop the relationship and perpetuates that the relationship is “forever dead.” Lowery achieves the effect of making the characters interesting and by bringing into focus the two conflicting perspectives on the future of the relationship by making use of repetition, the usage of extended metaphors, and the overall structure of the poem. An aspect of the poem that makes the two characters thoroughly interesting is the poet’s usage of repetition. It can be observed that when the persona speaks, he makes use of the word “mend.” In the opening stanza, the persona claims that the “cut can be mended.” This is paralleled with the ending stanza of the persona where he says that “the breach” in the couple’s love “can be”, once again, “mended.” This repetition of the word “mended” shows his belief that the couple’s love can “heal” and that the “raging storm” or strife between the two “will soon be gone.” This makes the persona interesting to us as the reader and we see from this his relentless claims that the love between the two can be revived and will be “mended.” Repetition is also used distinctly in the woman’s dialogue, and the words “such is our love” is repeated. Interestingly, all but the last stanza of the woman’s dialogue contains the words “such is our love now,” whereas the last stanza merely says “such is our love.” This abrupt disappearance of “now” suggests that the woman feels that the loving relationship she had with the persona now belongs to the past, and this ultimately shows her reluctance to believe that the love can be
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