Our Life Without Computers Essay

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Our life without computers In our present life everything is connected with computers technology. We use computers at homes, schools, banks, hospitals, and many other places. A computer is a helpful and comfortable invention. Most things we know are run or made by computers. For example, cars, traffic signals, medical equipments, and most jobs today require the use of computer. It plays a major role, and has a huge impact on our society. The main three effects of living without computers might be losing time, inaccuracy, and missing many important machines that run or made by them. Computers complete a lot of work for us which normally consume a long time .If we did not have computers, we would need a long time to do many tasks. For example, employs at banks need computers to finish their jobs in short time. Students in school use computers to print reports, do assignments, and research via the internet to get what they need very quickly. By using computers we will save our time, and get accurate results. Computers provide us with accuracy. Many fields need computers to ensure the accuracy in their results. For example, doctors in the medical filed would not have found cures for many diseases if they did not use computers. Most cures were found with help of computers with a high level of accuracy. In addition, space exploration scientists would not achieve a success without computers. Most machines we know are run or made by computers. For example, cars, airplanes, microwaves, traffic signals, and medical equipments. We could not organize the traffic signals with more proficiency without computers. In conclusion, computers have helped us to take a large step into the future. They have played a major role, and have had a huge impact on our daily lives. Living without them could lead to many problems, and the main three effects of

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