Our Family Wedding Film Review

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Our Family Wedding is a romantic-comedy film about an engaged couple, who are away for college, that have yet to tell their parents that they are engaged or that they have been living together. Marcus Boyd, an African-American man has just graduated from Colombia Medical is headed to Laos to work with Doctors Without Borders. He and his Mexican-American fiancée, Lucia Ramirez, wish to get married before the two of them head off to Laos together. Lucia also has neglected to tell her parents that she has recently dropped out of Columbia Law School to be a volunteer teacher at a charter school for immigrants in fear of their disapproval and how disappointed they may become of her. Lucia has not even spoken to her parents about her and Marcus’ relationship at all, they have no idea he even exists. In Los Angeles Marcus’ father, Bradford Boyd, runs into an altercation when a Mexican-American man tows his car away even though he had his hand on the door knob. Both Bradford and the other man, Miguel exchange different racial insults during the altercation. For example Bradford says to Miguel “I’m not your bruh, esé,” making notice of how more urban Mexicans refer to each other with the term “esé”. Later that evening, when Marcus and Lucia go back home to Los Angeles to finally reveal to their parents their upcoming plans Bradford finds out that the man who towed his vehicle turns out to be the father of Lucia and that they are soon to become in-laws. Miguel Ramirez and Bradford immediately start arguing and start again with the racial insults the moment they see each other. When Marcus goes to Lucia’s family’s house for brunch, he meets Lucia’s grandmother for the first time the family purposely does not tell her grandmother about Marcus’ ethnicity. When Lucia’s grandmother sees Marcus’ face she lets out a shriek and fall flat on her back in astonishment. Mister

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