Our Endangered Values Book Review

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Our Endangered Values This book starts out with an introduction stating the fact of how our values in America are kept running smoothly by our government. It goes into telling us on how these values are in jeopardy.It also goes in on telling us on how the separation between church and state is in jeopardy as well. Then the author goes into telling us on how he will express his opinion from a religious view (Christianity) on moral values and also include his observation on how this has affected politics itself. Most controversial issue the author feels that the biggest dispute between democrats and republicans is on how to use our U.S troops. Republicans would like to use them to fight terrorism while democrats feel by doing this or fighting wars such as the Iraq War we are just creating more animosity between our country and creating more terrorists. The author explains in the first chapter how our gun laws are not in danger as some people think but are in fact becoming too loose. I feel that as citizens we need all the arms we can get in case of a land invasion or the government becomes too strong or try’s to become communist. Why does Jimmy Carter say this? He says this is because revolutionary changes have been taking place in our domestic and foreign policies, affecting our moral values. Jimmy Carter was brought up in a Christian home. He himself is an evangelical Christian and relied on the lord’s strength throughout his career. Jimmy carter also did missionary work throughout the world spreading the word of the gospel. His favorite religious quote was “you only need two loves in your life: for God, and for the person in front of you at any particular time”; which tells a lot about his career. Carter was a governor as well. He also was a professor at the University of Emory. Carter did a number of things throughout his career one thing he did was

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