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Our Day Out Examine the changes to Mr. Briggs character throughout the play “Our Day Out” Willy Russell, born near Liverpool in a town called Whiston, left school with one O level in English. He went on to write films and screen plays. Willy was known to be a play writer. He has written plays, such as Blood Brothers and Educating Rita Shirley Valentine. Willy Russell’s first novel was “The Wrong Boy”, which was published in 2000. Originally, he was writing songs and composing songs on folks idioms. Willy’s father worked a variety of jobs; in the mines, in a factory, ran a fish and chip shop and also ran a library on a bicycle transporting books. Willy did not have a traditional high class background he grew up on a housing estate. “Our Day Out” is a play that echoes his school life and experiences. “Our Day Out” was written to portray the status of middle class Liverpool, in the 70s. The class referred to, in the play, represents a typical group of low class students. At a glance the play is seen to be about a school trip, however, as the play unfolds it is clear that there are deeper issues being unravelled and depicted. The historical, social and moral aspects of the time are illustrated in “Our Day Out”. Mr. Briggs is a character in the play, he is used by Russell as a vice to illustrate these ethical, social and historical factors. The progress class, the low ability students, are going on a trip with Mrs. Kays, which she has organised. Mr.Briggs has been told that he needs “to be there and keep an eye on things” by the head teacher. Initially the impression given of Mr. Briggs is a well respected professional who takes his teaching career extremely seriously. Mr. Briggs refers to his colleague, Mrs. Kays, as “a mother hen rather than a teacher” this indicates he has certain expectations for being a teacher. This is a sign that he is very rigid and

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