Our Children Are in Danger Essay

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Our Children are in Danger: Online Predators Roger Messenger DeVry University 6/13/2014 In 2013 a girl at the young age of 15 was addressed and sought out by a man who was 30 years of age. He had arrangements to meet the young girl, but he found her father and police instead. While the girl was chatting up the older man her parents found out and intervened. They spoke to the man as if they were their daughter and arranged a meeting. When the man showed he found more than he bargained for. In an article published by the Huffington post it state, “The father and a couple of his buddies staked out the arranged meeting spot and blocked the man's escape until police arrived” (Huffington Post, 2013). The saddest part of this story is the fact that the 15 year old was talking with the 30 year old like it was okay to do. Parents we need to teach, monitor, and keep our children safe from predators at all costs. What would have happened if it had been the girl meeting the man as opposed to her father? Would she have been raped, kidnapped, or even murdered? Most parents don’t think these things will happen to them or their kids, but let me tell you something, we all have the chance of this happening if we are not better aware, more cautious, and better prepared for these types of situations. As a father of 6 kids, I can say safely we don’t do enough to protect our children. My daughter has been a victim of online lies and falsies. When I discovered something like could happen in my own home, I decided it was time to change things. She luckily was only betrayed and deceived by another young man, but what if that hadn’t been the case? That’s all I could keep asking myself. Online predators are a serious problem for everyone, not just our children. They prey on our kids and use their basic information to do so. Predators seek out children who they feel they can best relate
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