Our Changing World of Work Essay

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Our Changing World of Work 1 Our Changing World of Work Our Changing World of Work 2 Introduction The working world has changed greatly over the last 100 hundred years. The introduction of technology has made many jobs disappear, but at the same also created new ones. In only the last 30 years, the United States has moved from a manufacturing to a service orientated economy. In 1970, there were 48 million workers employed in manufacturing plants producing goods. And in the service organizations, 22 million people were working in those positions. In 2005, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 24 million working in manufacturing, but the service organizations have grown to just over 111 million (Bureau, 2005). With all these changes from manufacturing to services the United States is no longer the top leader in producing goods per capita, Japan has now succeeded the United States in that area. China who once held the honor of the top producer back in 1830 is hoping by 2020 to regain that title once again. In 2007, China’s GDP grew an amazing 22.5% and at this rate they are well on their way to be the top producer once again (Anissimov, 2009). Changing Nature of Work The attitudes towards work are changing, and so is the structure of employees. Employers are now dealing with four stages of employees: Seniors (50 60+), FortySomething mid-career professionals, Thirty-Somethings, and finally Generation X and Y. Over the last 30 years, the birth rates around the world have declined. Hence the problem, the work force is continuing to age and soon there will be an insufficient amount of new younger replacements to take over those jobs (Grantham and Ware, Our Changing World of Work 3 2004). In 20 years, what will the new workforce responsible and who be there to do the training? Manufacturing vs. Services According to United

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