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Ramon Velasquez 4/28/13 Dr. Hunter History Ottoman Empire Reform Advisory Board Dear Ottoman Empire, It has become apparent to our own interest that your grand nation has begun to decline. Your militaries have begun to lag behind the European nation’s armies. Your territories have grown smaller as your influence begins to disappear. The Ottoman Empire has lost Greece and Egypt. The only reason your nation still exists is because of English intervention. Your empire is in debt. You have signed many Capitulations with European forces. They create their own laws in your own empire. With every passing day the Ottoman Empire is being over taken by Europe. The future of your land is in grim condition. That is why we have decided to assist your nation. We offer you six reforms you must implement. With these changes you create, you will be able to combat the European invasion. We are a Western Advisory Panel, consisted of five members. We are all experts in different fields. Josh and Robert are experts in education, and have submitted four reforms. Octavia has studied many different constitutional laws and can offer lawmaking advice. Mark understands industry better than anyone else and can guide you with creating industry. Finally, the person who is writing this letter, Ramon, who will advise you on your decisions involving the military. This letter contains the six reforms that we recommend as a group that will help your empire to rebuild The first and most important reform you will enforce, is to close of all your ports from the Europeans. In order for your nation to be successful again you must move your focus to the building of industry. Once your trading has been decreased with the Europeans, your money will begin to circulate only in your empire. You will also have to increase security at your ports. This will increase the amount of jobs. If you do wish

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