Ottoman Empire Essay

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Maloney, Shawn Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815 in Schönhausen, which was northwest of Berlin. He is known as the prestigious creator and organizer of the German Empire. He helped shape the fate of Germany, from 1862 to 1873 as the prime minister of Prussia and from 1871 to 1890 as Germany’s first Chancellor. In September 1862, Bismarck returned to Berlin as prime minister of Prussia where he dedicated himself in taking on the task of uniting Germany. In 1866, seventeen northern German states, which Bismarck had formed, joined the North German Alliance with Prussia, which later led to the Declaration of a German Empire in 1870. He was then appointed Chancellor where he celebrated successes including his legislative reforms, the development of a general currency, a central bank, and the code of commercial and civil law for the empire. He was known as the “master of alliances and counter-alliances” when it came to foreign relations. He became a type of negotiator between the important powers of Europe, including Russia , France , Austria , and Great Britain . While serving Germany and Prussia, Bismarck served in different positions of military and politics. When he was thirty-two years old, Bismarck was selected as a representative to the new Prussian legislature, and then in 1849, elected to the Landtag, which was the lower house of the new Prussian legislature. After two years Bismarck was given the position as Prussia ’s diplomat to the Diet of the German Confederation in Frankfurt . Bismarck decided to withdraw from his elected seat in the Landtag, but was later appointed to the Prussian House of Lords. In 1862 Russian diplomatic services offered Bismarck a job, but he decided to politely turn down the offer. On September 23, 1862, William appointed Bismarck Minister-President and Foreign Minister. In 1867 the North German Confederation was

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