Otto Frank Pov Essay

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The destruction of life is an unnecessary facet of mankind and is the epitome of ignorance. As it is said by many everything happens for reason. With sorrow in my heart and rue in my veins I must question if there is a higher power. Why is it that this atrocity this horror this genocide occurred here affecting me. The man whose name you do not know, and story who will never be told is the figurehead for pain and suffering. During my imprisonment at the concentration camp daily life was grim to say the least. Soldiers overseeing us would bully us to pass the time. Often torture test were implemented as a tool to find amusement. One method was the burning of flesh where two prisoners would face each other as prisoners torched them. The first to shed tears was killed by way of poison gas. I was fortunate to have only been picked once. Once soon became a thousand in my mind as I had seen it rewound in the tape known as human memory. Day by day, week by week, and month by month I found myself getting closer to being out. The thought Anne and Margot’s smiling faces kept me strong and my wife’s caring touch along with the companionship of my friends made life bearable. I dreamed I’d get to see them again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Once again even after my imprisonment I found my life sink into the same rut. After the war life was more different then I would’ve expected. Daily task became getting harder and I found myself more emotionally unstable as the days progressed. Family was the only people I knew would be safe or so I thought. I longed for friends and found I couldn’t even go to the tailor without looking over to the side and asking if this looks good honey, and finding nothing there. Life was miserable and I often contemplated killing myself but dared not to go through with it. I often wondered why I was left alive and not those close to me. My

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