the other end of the world Essay

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Lue was told he had everything in the world. He was told he could be anything n the world. He was told nothing could stop him from achieving his dreams. “I was six years old then, my name is Luen Poler, all my friends call me Lue. Shortly after my mother told me that she separated from my father, they told me nothing would change; they where wrong!” The last twelve years of Lue’s life has been a spinning disaster. He is now 18, doesn’t have a home, and works mindless job after mindless job. He sleeps every nigh on a friends couch or in the backseat of his shit-kicker car. On Friday and Saturday night he plays in one of many opening gigs at local venues. Usually when he gets out of a show he wanders around for hours as drunk as a skunk looking for somewhere to fall asleep, most of the time he wanders around till the cargo docks open up, so he can unload crates of goods for minimal pay. “See you guys next Sunday.” Lue mutters as he walks away from the large docks with an envelope containing sixty dollars. “Hey Lue! Can I talk to ya for a bit here?” The foreman demanded over the sound of a large trucks motor. “Ya!.. What about?” Lue asked slightly puzzled. “You’ll find out, let’s go in to my office so we can talk in private.” The foreman said in a slightly hushed tone. Once in the office the foreman, closed the blinds, locked the door, and turned off his phone. “What do you know about Hong Kong?” the foreman asked “Nothing I’ve visited there when I was young with my mother, but other then that I don’t know anything. Why do you ask?” Lue said in a questionable voice. “It seems our client Chin-Chow fishery has shown some interest in you, they asked the superiors if they could talk to ya. I thought I would warn you that you might have a few guys commin around asking you some questions.” The foreman said in a hesitant manor. “Well thanks for the

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