Is Othello's fall deserved?

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Is Othello's Fall Deserved?

In William Shakespeare's play the main character Othello's fall is not deserved. He was tricked by Iago, there were misunderstandings and miscommunications between Othello and Desdemona. Emilia could have helped Othello to expose Iago's tricks. People do not deserve to fall because of people around them and their tricks .

Othello becomes Desdemona's husband and the gets attention of Iago and Roderigo which causes many problems. Iago is a good liar, he makes promises but he never keeps them, and he tells fancy stories in order to trap people. He manupulates others and makes them work for his purposes, and he takes advantage of other’s weaknesses. He is kind, friendly, and always gentlemanly but there are many lies underneath his honest friendly mask. Iago tricks Othello with evidence. In Act 3 Scene 3 Desdemona accidentally drops her handkerchief and leaves with Othello. After they leave, Emilia picks up the handkerchief and gives it to her husband. Emilia says that Iago has been telling her to steal the handkerchief 100 times. At that very moment, Iago enters and takes away the handkerchief and asks Emilia to leave. After Emilia leaves Iago tells himself that "I will in, Cassio's lodging lose this napkin.
And let him find it. Trifles light as air
Are to the jealous confirmations strong
As proof of holy writ; this may do something.
The Moor already with my poison:
Dangerous conceits are in their natures poisons,
Which at the first are scare found to distaste,
But with a little act upon the blood
Burn like the mines of sulphur...” In Act 4 scene 1 As Iago's plan, Cassio gets the handkerchief and gives it to his sweet Bianca. When Iago and Cassio were having a conversation about Bianca, Othello watches them furiosly. He cannot hear their conversation however, so Othello misunderstands Cassio's laughter. Actually, Iago and

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