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Othello is a tragedy written by Shakespeare, which revolved around four central characters whom were Othello, a Moorish General in the Venetian Army; his loyal wife, Desdemona; his lieutenant , Cassio; and his trusted ensign Iago who serves as the play’s antagonist. Shakespeare skillfully incorporates key themes of society at that time into Othello such as jealousy, race, gender and loyalty, which explains why it is possibly the most famous and controversial plays. I believe that loyalty is a theme which is significant throughout the play but it was revealed ironically that one’s loyalty might result in one’s betrayal. Shakespeare delves into many forms of loyalty during the play such as loyalty between friends, the state, family and also colleagues and lovers. Desdemona’s loyalty to Othello shows the strength of their relationship but it is Iago’s fictitious loyalty which leads to Othello’s demise. I will expound the significance of loyalty in this essay. The relationship between Othello and Desdemona is strong and Othello relies on this love and Desdemona’s loyalty throughout the play. Desdemona married Othello without her father’s consent. Although this resulted in Othello being accused of corrupting Desdemona with witchcraft by her father, Othello was so confident in Desdemona’s love and loyalty that he offers his life is she said she did not love him. This is evident in the quote “If you do find me foul in her report, The trust, the office I do hold of you, Not only take away, but let your sentence Even fall upon my life.” (Act 1, scene iii, line 117-120) This however is ironic, when Othello doubts Desdemona’s loyalty and love, he persecutes her but after knowing the truth he also kills himself. This strongly shows that loyalty is significant because it was Othello’s trust in Iago’s loyalty which led to him killing Desdemona. Although Othello and

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