Othello Vs O ,Speech, Mark=14.5/20 Essay

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English Speech We are all the same. I don’t care is you tall, short, skinny, fat, pretty or ugly. We are all the same. Shakespeare captured this in his plays, that we all express the constant feelings of jealousy, love, hate and anger. That is why his plays have universality, and have stood the test of time. More closely I have studied the play Othello and its modern day adaptation “O” which represent the same human themes of racism, jealousy and appearance vs. reality. The composers of both texts chose a setting appropriate to their contexts; Shakespeare's choice of Venice and Cyprus was to avoid a direct insult to Elizabethan society but still being in a dominant country of the time Shakespeare, while Tim Blake Nelson’s choice of a contemporary American college where the only African American was Odin who was a valued member of the basketball team which is similar to how Othello is the ‘moor’ with high status in Venice. Both settings are relevant to targeting their audiences, because the settings were chosen so that the audiences within the composer’s context are able to relate to the text. Despite being written hundreds of years apart and on the opposite sides of the earth Tim Blake Nelson was able to explore the same themes and issues such as appearance vs. reality, where at the beginning of the film it is no coincidence that the character of Hugo is positioned on the basketball team as decoy. Knowledge of the purpose of a “decoy” becomes symbolic of attempts for Nelson to characterize Hugo as deceptive. Allusions to the original play, Iago’s propensity for appearance vs. reality highlights the same characteristics in Hugo. The role of a decoy is to distract the opposition in a different direction so the ball player is free to score. This is a terrific analogy to apply to the characterization

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