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Othello response paper The scene opens with Desdemona, Cassio and Emilia talking. Desdemona promised Cassio that she will do anything she can to help him with his dilemma. Othello and Iago walk in and Cassio must have felt ashamed and a bit nervous because he quickly leaves. Iago sees this as a perfect opportunity to play mind games with Othello. He begins to question Desdemona and Cassio’s loyalty. Iago keeps trying to hint to Othello that something may be going on between the two. He continuously brings up Cassio so Othello wouldn’t be able to ignore the situation if he wanted to. Othello claims that if Iago is going to be making accusations like this then he must come up with hard evidence. Iago made the point that she had already deceived her father what makes you think that she won’t do the same to you. After a while everything that Iago had told Othello was starting to take its toll. All Iago had to do was get the “it’s probably not true but what if” mindset stuck in his head. Once the jealous seed was planted in his head it was only a matter of time before things reached to a whole other level. Othello was beginning to come up with outrageous excuses as to why his wife might do something like this. Was it because he was too old for her or because he was black? Iago tells him to not worry about it because he is probably just over reacting but just in case he should keep an eye on the two when they are together. Desdemona and Emilia walk in the room to get Othello for dinner but he complains of a pain in his forehead and does not want to join the party. Desdemona tried to wrap his head up with her handkerchief but he says it is too small and as he pushes it away it falls to the floor. Emilia picked up the handkerchief because she knew of its importance and because her husband had asked her to steal one a few times before. Iago doesn’t tell

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