Othello Presents Us with Themes Beyond Its Context Essay

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Othello presents us which themes beyond its context. The tragedy of Othello is not a text discussing and evaluating concerns within the Elizabethan time period in which it was written, but rather a tale of the human condition. Part of what is means to be human is that our basic humanity never changes despite time and place, and the concerns in Othello of human weakness and emotions and racial inequality are just as relevant now as they were four hundred years ago. Shakespeare in using these themes to drive the plot of the play shows us how these themes are universal. This is emphasised by the fact that unlike many of Shakespeare’s other works it is set in a modern context rather than a distant land. In this way the characters and situations featured in Othello were and are relatable to the common viewer. Due to this, Shakespeare uses the techniques of characterisation, verse and prose and soliloquies to convey these themes to his audience. The content of the play Othello present the reader with themes such as jealousy and hate. These emotions are explored in the characters in the text. While the context is the Elithabethan time period the emotions these characters experience are universal. They represent dispositions that represent the human condition. Othello shows how despite time place and race, these emotions all are encompassing throughout the human race. The play the antagonist is motivated by hate Point 1. Emotional flaws Jealousy and hate are emotions that are intrinsic to human nature. These emotions represent the weakness of human nature and how these a forces for destruction. Othello raises the issues of sexual and professional jealousy. By Shakespeare using these emotions to drive to plot of the play he shows us how fundamental these emotions are in human nature and how these forces drive our lives. The technique of the soliloquy is used to

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