Othello Foil Analysis

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In the tragic play, Othello, William Shakespeare uses foils to explores how jealousy, manipulation, and pride lead to suffering. Though he is a racial and cultural outsider of Venice being of Moorish decent, Othello has gained the respect of many by following the faith of Christianity, being the general of the Venetian Military, and expressing his true love for Desdemona; the beautiful daughter of the admired senator, Brabantio. However on the wedding night of Othello and Desdemona, there is a disturbance in the airs of good intentions; it is Iago, the pathological lying, deceiving, racist, sexist, thieving, murderous antagonist in the play that destroys the lives of many for his oath of revenge against Othello. He has been passed over as…show more content…
This gift subdued his father entirely to her love, but if she ever lost or gave it as a gift he would find another love interest. Othello’s mother gave him this gift as she died and he gave it to Desdemona as a symbol of their love. This gift is a strawberry patterned handkerchief that in which Iago is fully aware of its significance. He knows that making it appear as though Desdemona has given Cassio the handkerchief will be the proof Othello needs to believe his wife has been unfaithful. His wife, Emilia, is Desdemona’s loyal attendant and accompanies her at all times. Though she has marital issues with Iago, she still is loyal to him as well, and since he has been pestering her to get the sacred cloth, she succeeds in the action. “She let it drop by negligence. And, to the advantage, I, being here, took’t up. Look here it is.”(III.iii.) Iago’s manipulative ways have earned him what he needs to succeed in the demise of his counterparts. By being loyal to her husband, Emilia has caused a great deal of harm to the woman she cares so deeply for. Another conversation of Desdemona is brought up between the Ancient and his general and this time Iago explains to Othello that he had seen Cassio with his ladies handkerchief. Othello later questions Desdemona about the handkerchief and she cannot answer where it is. She truly has no idea where but this is enough for Othello to go on with the unthinkable. “Get me some poison, Iago; this night: I’ll not expostulate with her, lest her body and beauty unproved my mind again: this night,
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