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English: Text response, Othello “Othello has a propensity to jealousy and possesses a weak character: the stuff of which he is made begins at once to deteriorate and show itself unfit” F.R Levis 1952 To what extent is Levis’ evaluation of Othello, true? In Shakespeare’s Othello, the character of Othello shows himself unfit due to his propensity to jealousy and then showing his weak character. Techniques are used to develop ideas and influence the reader’s response. To a very far extent Levis’ evaluation of Othello is true, Othello does over time deem himself unfit and weak as he becomes too easily manipulated by the scheming Iago. Shakespeare shows the deterioration within Othello’s character through the use of techniques. Othello begins the play as being and honest and trustworthy soldier. From here he lets Iago’s influence of instigating jealousy weaken his character and finally finishes with the breakdown of Othello. This is shown through techniques which mimic the character of Iago, techniques such as speaking in prose and the use of bestial imagery. Through the use of these techniques the reader is able to follow the breakdown of Othello’s character, gain an understanding and create a response. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the main character of Othello begins the play as an honest, trustworthy and noble soldier; this becomes evident as he speaks of his bravery during the war. ‘My services which I have done the signiory/ shall out-tongue his complaints’ 1.2.18-19. This is one of Othello’s first lines in the play therefore creates a good first impression for the audience, of character Othello. Due to Othello bravery and nobility as a soldier he is highly important and stands in a high position ‘you have been hotly call’d for’ 1.2.44-45. A long with being shown as noble and honest Othello also shows signs that he would be easily manipulated this is shown as he

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