Othello Eng Essay #4

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essay rd 4 Frank Hernandez 10/16/11 ENG 102 Shakespeare’s writings consist of many different relationships, conflict, and meaning. Shakespeare’s written play Othello shows how the relationship between all people, men, women, couples, friends, and partners can turn out at the end. Although the main relationship between men and women, the strongest one of them all, can change the world around us in good ways, and bad. This excerpt shows how conflict between men and women can destroy a town’s leadership, society and people. Conflict between men and women is something that will continue to cause conflict, good, and bad, but will never end. As Othello the leader in his army, people looked up to him, some disliked him, but overall he was a very strong, wise powerful man. The person that was one step under him who was named Iiago grew jealousy towards Othello and his success being in charge of the army. They were friends they been in battle together but its crazy how the jealousy of such a strong relationship can go so horribly wrong. Iiago began making rumors, and with barely any evidence Othello became quickly convinced and believed it and started changing his relationship with his wife the women that meant everything to him. Although the rumors started to become quickly convincing, and more sensible Othello began to make horrible n bad decisions, as a leader, and out of his emotions. Rumors of her sleeping with another man destroyed their relationship, and eventually ruined a lot of other peoples lives also, the rumor evolved bigger things began to happen and everything resolved in a horrible bloody mess. To me it seems kind of crazy how in this excerpt such a powerful and looked up to man can ruin everything and destroy everything he had basically over rumors. He could have took it easy, and went through the

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